The result

April 14th, 2007


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  1. barbwire Says:

    I know a picture is supposed to be worth 1000 words – but I think the explanation here might need 1001

  2. LD Says:

    I’ll give you 5000 words. How about that?

    I was walking home from dinner:

    When I saw this silly japanese sign:

    I couldn’t make sense of it, a toilet roll on a box? But as I was thinking about what it meant, if anything, I failed to realise I was about to walk into this pole:

    The result was a nasty bump on the head:

    Of course, had I been smarter, I would have realised that I should have bought the ‘escape from an accident’ charm that I had seen earlier in the day at the temple:

    and then I would have avoided this collision. :-)

  3. » Japan Photos Says:

    [...] Summary: – Over 150 pairs of disposable chopsticks used (apparently from Chinese forests) – Approx 120 bowls of rice consumed, but only 3 potatoes (this ratio would normally be inversed) – One very sore head – 2 earthquakes – Completed disaster training at the Bosai Kan (firefighting, escape from smoke filled building & earthquake simulator) – Managed to down raw chicken sashimi – Got lost on numerous occassions – Caught the metro during peak hour (very, very squishy) [...]

  4. h Says:

    hehehe… I thought that only happens on cartoons.
    that’s the result from the chicken sashimi.

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