7 Responses to “?? Insurance for maid delight!”

  1. Nicholas Says:


  2. LD Says:

    I know. I was at the insurance office and saw this pile of brochures.

    They have an insurance policy aptly titled “Maid Delight” which is coverage for your live-in maid. In case she slips and falls, absconds, gets pregnant, etc :-)

  3. Nicholas Says:

    You sure pregnancy cover is included?

  4. LD Says:

    Umm. Yep. Spent 3 mins scanning it while they were sorting out my real insurance for my bike :-)

  5. Nicholas Says:

    very good – so you are sorted then :)

  6. Ben w Says:

    So Luke, planning somthing are we???

  7. LD Says:

    Its not in the plan :-)

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